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Artist Bio

Kenton Yoder finally gave in to the urge to paint at age 56. Having always been creative, he never seriously considered art as an outlet. Working in the model toy industry, dabbling in stained glass design, and indulging in many creative hobbies served for many years to satisfy his drive to create something unique.

In 2014, at age 56, after watching his daughter paint with watercolors, he expressed a more serious interest in painting. As a birthday gift, his family gave him the basics to begin painting in acrylics, and he went on to do about 125 paintings in the first year. He started painting in the  abstract style because he thought it would be easier while learning painting basics, and because he had never had any talents in representational art. Although, to his surprise, he learned what countless others have learned, that abstract may in fact be one of the most difficult genres in which to paint meaningful works, he continues to enjoy the challenge.

After painting for over a year, he is beginning to find his signature style, which is exploring textures and moods. Mr. Yoder states that his goal is to create paintings which connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

Kenton Yoder lives in north Central Indiana, with his wife and 5 children.


Artist Statement

I feel that the purpose of art is to make a visceral, instinctive connection with whoever experiences it. This connection may be as simple as a pleasing combination of colors or forms. It might be a reminder of a profound, life-changing memory that can no longer be recalled. Whatever level  this emotional connection reaches, I believe it is essential. Any intent on the part of the artist to make a deeper statement, be it social, political, or otherwise, will be lost if the viewer does not make a visual, emotional connection with the work.

Whether or not the viewer is able to express or even understand their connection to a work of art, is immaterial. The very fact that an artwork resonates with the viewer validates its existence. It is my goal as an artist to create art that becomes a valued part of the owners life.


Exibitions – Shows – Galleries – Awards


Arts On Main, Elkhart, IN

Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery – one of 6 artists displayed July 2016-June 2017

LEX530 Gallery, Elkhart, IN

Coppes Commons, Nappanee, IN

Miami County Artisan Gallery




Arts On Main,, solo exhibit, Nov 12-Dec 17, 2015

Elkhart Art League, featured artist March 2016

Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery – one of 6 artists displayed July 2016-June 2017

Lakeland Art Association – Oct 2018

Arts On Main – Oct 2018

North Webster Library Gallery – May 2019 Solo Exhibition

Heartland Art Gallery – Nov 2019 Solo Show

North Webster Library Gallery – Aug 2020 Solo Exhibition

2020 Buchtel House, Auburn, IN

2020 Garrett Museum of Art – Joint Show

2021 Buchtel House, Auburn, IN – Shades of Red Exhibit




2015 Elkhart Art League Art Contest

2015 Elkhart Art League Fall Member Show & Contest

2015 Artsyshark Featured Artist Contest

2015 Artlink Ft Wayne Fishman Gallery exhibit contest

2016 Elkhart Art League contest

2016 Artlink Members show

2016 Art Market Magazine Top 60 Emerging Artists, Sep 2016

2016 Elkhart Art League Members Show

2016 Professional Artist cover contest

2017 Elkhart Art League Fall Show – 3rd Place – “Connectivity”

2017 Artlink Regional Art Show

2017 Lakeland Art Assoc Fall Members Show

2018 Lakeland Art Assoc Summer Show

2018 Ft. Wayne Artists Guild – Ventures in Creativity

2018 Honeywell Center Themed Show – Honorable Mention for “Vibrant Shadows”

2018 LaFontaine Regional Fine Arts Show

2018 Heartland Art Gallery Fall Juried Show – Merit Award for “Remnants”

2018 Lakeland Art Assoc Fall Members Show – 1st place for “Don’t Quote Me”

2019 Lakeland Art Assoc Spring Members Show – Honorable Mention for “Hope”

2019 Lafontaine Arts Council Regional

2019 Elkhart Art League Show

2019 Lakeland Art Assoc Fall Members Show

2019 Logansport Art Association contest – Marilou Crisman Award for “Hope”

2019 Ft. Wayne Artists Guild Ventures in Creativity – certificate award for “Elysium Blue”

2020 Heartland Art Gallery Small Wonders Annual Juried Exhibition

2020 Lakeland Art Assoc – Honorable Mention for “Symphony”

2020 Honeywell Themed Contest

2020 Heartland Art Gallery Fall Juried Regional

2020 Garrett Museum of Art Member Show

2020 Honeywell 92 County Show

2020 Logansport Art Assoc – Psi Iota Xi Award for “Elysium Blue”

2021 Lakeland Art Assoc Spring Juried Show

2021 Logansport Art Association – Tom Evers Award for “Just Purple”

2021 Lakeland Art Assoc Fall Members Show

2021 Miami County Artisan Gallery Show

2021 Box Factory For the Arts Show

2021 Heartland Art Gallery 33rd Juried Regional Art Exhibition

2021 Heartland Art Gallery Small Wonders Annual Juried Exhibition

2021 Garrett Museum of Art Open Call Show

2022 Lakeland Art Assoc Spring Juried Show

2022 Garrett Museum of Art Open Call

2022 Logansport Art Association – Second Place + Judges Award for “Paint The Town”

2022 Heartland Art Gallery, 34th Juried Regional

2022 Lakeland Art Assoc Fall Juried Show

2023 Annual Heartland Artists Small Wonders Show





2020 Cass Co. Regional Gallery Inaugural Celebration – Certificate of Excellence

2022 featured on DeBrand Fine Chocolates Special Edition Valentines Candy Box




Artisan Restaurant, Elkhart, IN

Hotel Elkhart, Elkhart, IN

Parkview Hospital, Auburn, IN

numerous private collections